Monday, January 11, 2010

Christmas Gifts

Ok, my BIG present for Christmas and for my Birthday (it is in Jan) was money towards this baby! I love it, I need to take some classes. So I really did not think I was getting anything else. I call this my big girl camera! I do, do really love my camera. Though I really, really, really love this gift! My dad for years said that he was going to make a licence plate map. We first saw one I think at the house of blue and I think it cost about $6,000 or so. Now there is one at Greenfield Village, which I think is about $5,000. Every year I take a day off work in the summer and my dad and I go to the Village for a day. We always stop to see the licences plate map. Well this summer he started cutting out the plates one by one. I had NO idea that this was done. Also when he was making it I was told he was making it for their cottage. Well to my sisters and my suprise at Christmas, he actually made two. One for her and one for me!!! He is now working on his. It weighs a ton, so today he came over and hung it at my house. I LOVE IT!

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shannon said...

love it. my kids are obsessed with license plates. they have a poster of this at target...but the real thing, hand awesome! my hubby is from warren, time we're in we'll have to go by g.v. haven't been there in years.