Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tim Holtz Inspired Card

I have been sick on and off the last 2 1/2 months. It all started back on Feb 22nd shoveling some very heavy snow. I was outside for awhile and started to get chest pains. I went inside and sat down. Once I sat down I felt find and really did not think twice about the pains. I am 41 and in pretty good health. Well, the chest pains started to happen more often. After a couple of rounds to my regular doctor and some ideas and some meds. The pain was not going away, so one am my husband and I made a trip to the ER. After a heart cath to actually rule out any heart problems I was on my merry way. Too bad I still had the pain! I also had to get a nuclear stress test. All clear, which I guess I should be thankful for, but still in pain. I have now also seen a pulmonary doctor who did finally put me on steroids. Well the steroids are helping, but can not be on them forever. I think they are leaning that it is a muscleskeltor issue, but no one really wants to say that.

The steroids are a 6 day pack, so I feel fine on them and about 4 days after. So I have been on them already twice and might need to start my third round again. I pretty much go to work so I do not lose my job and come home and try to relax. I have realized if you hurt your chest there is a lot of things that can be wrong with you!!!!!!!!!!! I am so frustrated, the pain only happens when I am moving. So I have not walked my dog in 2 1/2 months which was my main form a exercise. I just want my pain to go away and do normal things. I know what ever I have could be way worse, so I should not complain. I feel like I can not do anything. Which leads me to the lack of post, I just am in a funk.

My favorite thing is to make cards, but this sickness is just making me depressed. So I have not been creating much. This weekend I was feeling better since I just finished round two of steroids. I decided to go to the scrapbook convention. I noticed too late that Tim Holtz was teaching three classes, but already sold out. Lucky for me he was still doing demos at the stampers anonymous booth. It was nice to see him is person, he was very funny and was nice to see live demos. So above is one of my cards inspired by Tim.

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